Addon model file

addon.xml contains information about the addon and its model.

Basic xml file

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>
<addon id='AddonId'>
        <property name='HTTPS' type='boolean'/>
        <property name='ID' type='string'/>
        <property name='URL' type='string' displayName='Page URL'/>
        <property name='Items' type='list'>
            <property name='Name' type='string' isLocalized='True'/>


Property types

Type name Editor type Value
audio Audio editor. Allows selecting or uploading audios Audio URL
boolean Editor with a checkbox for true/false values 'True' or 'False' as string
event Code editor Event code
file Upload editor. Allows uploading custom file Uploaded file URL
html HTML editor HTML
image Image editor. Allows selecting or uploading image Image URL
list List editor List with records consisting of sub properties
narration Multiline text editor without formatting Narration for recorded audio
string TextArea editor Text
text Multiline text editor without formatting Text
{option A, option B, option C} Combo box with a list of options Selected in combo option by name

Base properties

The following properties will be added to each addon automatically

Property name Description
id Unique to the page module id
isVisible Set initial visibility of the addon
Layout Defines module layout
Left Left position
Top Top position
Width Module width
Height Module height
Right Right position
Bottom Bottom position