Create addon

Addons are used to extend the functionality of the player by providing new module types. You can find the source code for all addons under /addons folder.

Addons step by step:

Step 1. Create folder for your addon

Lets say that you want to create an addon named MyAddon. First step is to create a directory:

Then create the src subfolder.

Step 2. Create addon files

Addon consists of:

Step 3. Register addon in ant build system

Add addon ID to registered addons list

Step 4. Register addon in player

To register the addon in the player (and the editor). Modify AddonDescriptorFactory

addDescriptor("MyAddonId", "Addon name", "Editor menu group")

Step 5. Add addon description

Addon description text should be added to localization file: dictionary.js under key <addon_id>_info

Step 6. Build player

After building the player, the new addon will be added to the player distribution